To The Western Isles

Luskentyre beach, Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Photo: Luskentyre beach, Isle of Harris, Scotland.  January 2011

In a few hours I’ll be headed out into a night of rain and wind to begin the 12 hour drive to the Ferry in Uig, Isle of Skye and then onwards to Berneray for our 3rd New Year on the islands.  I never really thought I would return a second time, much less a third – especially after last years weather, and with long range forecasts not looking much better this year either.  But Berneray is a nice place, and with pretty much the whole of the UK to choose from, it again seemed like the best location to welcome in 2013.  Then it will be a few more days traveling around Harris and Lewis before making the drive back south.  Though the calender puts New Year’s day just about in the middle of the trip, which means that we can’t actually spend as much time on Harris and Lewis as I would like.  But it will probably rain and blow the whole time anyhow and not matter much.  (Normally I try and remain optimistic about things, but when it comes to Hebridean weather in January, I know better.)

Anyhow, to any of you readers out there.  Happy New Year!

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