34,000 Feet Over Greenland

Greenland from Airplane

Photo: Flying over Greenland.  Feb 2012

I’m now home in Santa Barbara where I’ll more or less be for the next few months, not counting a road trip or two.  Had a good flight from London to San Francisco yesterday.  The plane was remarkably empty so I had the whole center row of the 747 to myself to stretch out on.  Too bad it was a daytime flight and I couldn’t really sleep to take full advantage of it, but it was still nice none the less.  Then I had a 1 hour delay getting out of SF to Santa Barbara, so I guess that equals things out a bit.  Was pretty tired walking in the door last night, but not as bad as I expected.  Most people I know say they deal with jetlag better when heading east, but I always seem to do better going west.

I can’t believe I haven’t been to Greenland yet.  Definitely a beautiful place from the air.

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