In Search of Winter: Part 2

Yesterday I was looking for a cool isolated tree in a winter field and somehow managed (well, it wasn’t very difficult) to find some small little road that had not been cleared of snow. Within about 30 seconds I realized that I had probably passed the point of no return and it was either keep going and possibly end up stuck or try to turn around and definitely end up stuck – wouldn’t be my first time getting stuck in the snow. Never found any cool trees, but I thought these power lines would be an OK substitute. I managed a pretty good face plant (without camera) when I was sort of ‘hopping’ across the snow and found the waste deep drainage ditch on the side of the road, which was filled with snow and looked flat. Second photo is of the same ponds as yesterday.

Panoramic stock photo: Germany, Oberpfalz; electrical power lines across barren winter landscape. Cody Duncan Photography

Panoramic stock photo: Germany, Oberpfalz; partially frozen pond in early winter. Cody Duncan Photography

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