If you Want a Postcard

…Email your address to my hotmail account and I’ll send you one. Try to do so within 10 days, as I’m a 30 minute drive from the nearest town where I can find a post office, so I want to send them all at once. Though I might be heading into Queenstown on Mon (Sunday for you California peoples), I’m going through chocolate withdrawals out here.

Sand flies: f$%# S$^# A@& M%*^&$ F$*%&#$ !!! Sorry, had to get that out. Nasty little buggers. wearing sandals around, my feet are now completely covered with bite marks, which are bright red dots, that last a good while. Not to mention itch and the usual annoyances than come with having insects sucking your blood. I’m not sure if I’m glad they don’t make any noise or not, a warning would be nice, but I’m sure a constant mosquito like buzzing would drive me insane. I’m about 30 meters from a lake, so they are everywhere here.

All right, I’ve got 30 gigs worth of pictures to edit, lots to write, and look for a good place to shoot tonight, though it’s been a bit rainy today and I’m feeling a bit lazy.

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