Lofoten Photography Guide Ebook – Seasons On Lofoten – Winter

Seasons On Lofoten: Winter

I’m super happy to announce that I’ve just published my first eBook!  It’s taken up the majority of my free time over the last couple months, and I’ve just finished it less than 24 hours  before I’m heading back to Lofoten myself.


The cost is $5.  It is 104 pages long, contains 80 images (45 of which are a portfolio/location section) and nearly 15,000 words.  I mostly cover the basics for the first time visitor to Lofoten in winter.  But even as a photo book, I think most people will enjoy it.

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  1. Outdoor Jane says:

    Hello Cody, this is beautiful, amazing photography, thank you! is there any chance you will publish this book also in the old fashioned way, so we can leafe through those nice pictures? Lofoten is on my wishlist, we hope to get there this summer and see for ourselves. Meanwhile, I’ll stick to your images.

    Kind regards,

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